Skype Free Download

Developed by the collaboration of Estonian, Swedish and Danish developers, and released in 2003, it was bought by Microsoft Corporation in 2011. The global appeal of the software program can be realized from the fact that within the period of just 7 years, the number of registered users increased from zero to over 663 million. The most startling feature is the superb quality of voice and video calling.


Manage Password

Manage Password
Owing the alarming levels of security threats, Skype requires you choose a strong password and a unique user id that can, however, be changed at anytime. To do so, click on “Skype” dropdown menu and the option “Change Password”. That’s all!

Contact Management

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For creating a group or making a list of contacts, you can not only find and add new ones, but also import from dozens of other media, such as Facebook, rediff,, Fastmail, Indiatimes, Rambler, Libero and Yandex. You can also delete them.

Skype Tools

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Skype tools offer you a great variety and flexibility of customization. It is present in the form of a dropdown menu that contains “Apps”, “Change Language”, “Accessibility”, “Skype Wifi” and “Options”. All of this can be done quite easily.

Audio & Video calling

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It is beyond exaggeration to claim that Skype is the best ever computer application with regard to its superb audio & video calling quality. The clarity of voice makes you believe as if the speaker is sitting nearby you. Initiating such calls is the matter of just one click!

Chatting & History

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Chatting is very easy and quick with instant desktop notification so that you should not ignore a friend who wants your attention. The conversation history is saved and the past data of several weeks can be retrieved anytime. However, you can also delete it, if needed.

Sms & Mobile calling

You need not memorize long web address as you can create, find, import and export the bookmarks on your browser. Just one click saves you from the hassle of typing the web address again and their retrieval is just a couple of clicks away.